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Conditions & Treatments

  • Acne

    • What triggers Acne?

      An extremely common diagnosis, nearly 85% of all adolescents experience acne at some point. A person can be more at risk for developing acne if they are genetically predisposed. Acne will first appear when pores clog. The clog begins with dead skin cells. Typically, dead skin cells are shed daily. Normal skin also naturally creates sebum, which is a critical oil that helps our skin from drying out.

  • Body Contouring

  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid / Eyelids Lift)

  • Actinic Keratosis

    • What is Actinic Keratosis?

      Actinic Keratosis (AK), also known as Solar Keratosis, is known as sun damage. AK’s form when the skin is badly damaged from UV rays from the sun, or indoor sun tanning. Over time, UV rays can cause damage to our skin and in some cases, when the damage accumulates, our bodies are less able to repair itself. AK’s are often dry and scaly, pink, red or sometimes a white or brown color. AK’s occur mainly on the back of your hands, scalp, and face. AK’s can also be painful once the area is irritated or rubbed.

Jeffin Kurian

Pharmacist at Jersey City, NJ

As a pharmacist at Apotheco SIP my goal each day is to help my providers and patients navigate the pharmacy landscape and provide them with the answers they need. I strive to provide the best quality service that I can for each and every person I interact with every day.


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  • Ana Vizotto

    My doctor recommended them to me for a topical eczema cream that is usually very pricey and Sip will work on getting you the best and lowest price. And oh they did not disappoint! From the very first call I made, the lady on the phone was quick and attentive. She knew all the info she needed from me, she made my experience easy, quick and smooth. She gave me clear directions on how to get there and where to park. Best experience I’ve ever had with a small, non-corporate, pharmacy.

  • Devon McRimmon

    I’ve been getting a medication from SIP for close to a year. The delivery is always fast (next-day), free and they usually apply whatever coupon available to my order without me asking. The only major issue I have is that I am NEVER able to get through on the phone. I have missed the call and called back within 5 minutes and I always have to leave a message to get a call back. I love everything else about this pharmacy but I find it astounding that I’ve never been able to call and get an answer. This has been the case for about 8 months. I don’t know if I need an extension but if I miss the call I don’t even bother calling back anymore. It’s very frustrating especially when dealing with something time sensitive. If I was able to get the same price somewhere else, I would do so in a heartbeat to avoid this recurring problem.

  • Surekha Valluru

    Excellent staff and excellent service. Received the package next day itself without any delivery charge. Staff themselves applied the coupon even before requesting for it. Very knowledgeable staff. Wonderful pharmacy!

  • Beverly Barron

    Such a pleasure dealing with these folks. Deliveries are amazingly fast. They are always helpful never rushed a totally different experience from your chain pharmacies. They are like the way things used to be

  • Rebecca Polny

    Excellent service, fast delivery. These guys are amazing. Helped me save a ton of money and super convenient. Just fantastic all around. Highly recommend.