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I have more than 20 years of experience in the Healthcare industry with the last 7 working in Specialty Pharmacy assisting medical staff in getting much needed medications in the hands of their patients. My work has focused on streamlining the process of patient care by assisting with prior authorizations, securing affordable co-pays via foundations and manufacturing companies and ensuring free and prompt delivery of medications. From servicing small offices to large scale hospital accounts, my customers have relied on my skills and services to help improve staff efficiencies while strongly improving overall healthcare for patients. I’ve handled a myriad of disease states which include dermatology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, just to name a few. Here at Apotheco Pharmacy, our focus is solely on dermatology which allows an even greater attention to the needs of patients and office staff. No more cookie cutter services. I am here to meet and exceed customer expectations by designing plans and protocols to keep patients safe, especially during these times of COVID-19.

JACQUELINE BENNER, we’re here to help.

Alleviating Administrative Burdens

By sending scripts to an Apotheco pharmacy, it will drastically lower the amount of call backs to your office as we will work directly with your patients to ensure their medication is covered, address pricing issues and provide alternatives if necessary. Our dedicated team of experts can assist with PBM navigation and Prior Authorizations at no cost to you.

Saving Your Patients Money

We know it is important for your patients to have access to the medications they need, even in times of financial hardship. We specialize in navigating benefits to ensure your patients get the best possible price for both branded and generic products.

In addition, our OneStepRx program includes a broad range of generics that will never cost more than $35.00, with the average copay being $13.00.

Building a Partnership

We believe the patient’s visit ends when they receive their medication. While other pharmacies are scrambling to implement delivery, we have been offering free local delivery for years. So, whether you are treating patients in your office or through Telemedicine, we will get the right prescription delivered directly to their home often within 24 hours.

Your patients are in good hands. Because we only handle dermatology medications, our team has the time and expertise to educate your patients on their medications, again reducing callbacks to your office.

We believe in dedicated support. Your practice has a dedicated Account Manager specializing in Dermatology who is here to help with questions, training and more.

Reach out to your account manager today to learn more about how Apotheco pharmacies are here to support your practice and your patients.

70% of Dermatology providers prefer pharmacies that offer Step Therapy + Prior Authorization Support

Assistance with your Prior Authorizations and a proactive approach to Step Therapy means significantly less call-backs to your office and less paper work on your desk.

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