A Holistic Approach to Healthier Skin

Take your pick! There are different ways for us to achieve healthier looking skin. Propper nutrition, hydration and mental well-being are some ways to do just that.

While wrinkles, and aging skin cells are inevitable, our lifestyle can dramatically influence the speed at which they occur. Over exposure to sun, tanning beds, chemicals, strong cosmetics, and most importantly, poor nutrition can accelerate this process. That’s why a holistic approach is vital for healthy skin.

Are you eating a well-balanced diet to maintain a healthy body weight? Or, are you eating a well-balance diet to have better skin? Either way it doesn’t matter! They both go hand in hand. We tend to associate proper nutrition with weight maintenance. But proper nutrition far exceeds that. It can also promote better and healthier looking skin. Having the right supply of nutrients can play an essential role in supporting our skins’ natural process of recycling damaged and aged skin cells, with younger ones. If that’s not cool enough, eating a healthy diet can promote weight maintenance, by limiting the cycles of weight loss and weight gain. This yo-yo effect can cause skin to sag. It can also increase wrinkles and stretch marks.

Here are some general wellness tips for you to try!

  • Don’t skip your Fruits and Veggies.
    • Optimize your nutrition by eating foods rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables are great food sources for these! Dietary guidelines recommend that the average adult consume 5-10 servings daily. They are also a great source of fiber, which will keep you full longer.


  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.
    • While Sun exposure helps us manufacture vitamin D for bone formation. Its ultraviolet rays can damage collagen and elastic tissue. Causing wrinkles, sagging, and skin cancer. Using sunblock, cosmetics with SPF, and avoiding sun exposure, specifically between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. Can help prevent further skin damage.


  • Not all fats are equal!
    • Focus on healthy fats like omega-3s. That can help you feel full for longer and provide added benefits for your skin. Oily fish, and nuts are great food sources! Try to stay away from Saturated fats and Trans-fats as much as possible.


  • Say No to crazy diets.
    • Avoid crash dieting. These diets are usually unsustainable leading you into a rigorous yo-yo cycle. When looking into a weight loss plan, make sure it’s a lifestyle modification you can stick to long term. Remember, that crash diets are also low in essential nutrients.


  • Drink more water.
    • Dehydration ques are similar to hunger ques. So sometimes, your not hungry your just thirsty. Water is also essential for skin health. Skin needs moisture to stay flexible and dehydration can cause your skin to look dry, and tired. As always, avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption.


  • Finally be patient.
    • It takes about six weeks to replenish your skin. So visible changes from your diet will take just as long!
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